Scavenger Hunt | Sep 29, 2021

Welcome to our Autumn Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to our Autumn Scavenger Hunt!

We have set up an XRP wallet with 500 million Greyhound in it:


To access this wallet and claim the prize, you will need the full private key. Each of the five riddles below will resolve to a segment of the private key:



Here is David at our favorite food truck. Our second favorite food truck is apparently closed. We haven’t had tacos for almost a month.

You can visit them here:



On Thursday Darren warned me of troubles down the pipe

On Friday ExtraVOD restored my faith and hype

On Saturday I heard Bradley give Tom Emmer due props

On Sunday Eri got me signing up for new airdrops

On Monday King reminded us that it is “all the money”

On Tuesday minted Greyhound while Bull’s mic sounded funny


Maybe you should check out the rest of our website and see what you can find?


The last hint is somewhere in this page…

The full list of prizes and rules are available on our twitter.

Join our discord for some extra clues and support from the team.

Good luck Hounds.