Scavenger Hunt | Oct 07, 2021

Post Autumn Scavenger Hunt Wrap

Welcome to our Autumn Scavenger Hunt!

Good health and good fortune to you, hounds! Shroomanon here. I want to start by thanking you all for participating in our first scavenger hunt, and congratulating the winners! It was an enlightening experience, for sure.

When designing the riddles, we had no clue how easy or difficult to make them, considering that we knew the fine people over at a certain imageboard were going to get in on it as well (they are quite sharp). Another consideration was that we wanted to make things accessible enough to those in our community that aren’t native English speakers. Ultimately, we decided on spreading the riddles around to include a little XRP lore, some things that require a bit of technical prowess, and some basic wordplay.

For riddles II and I, the imageboard folks got them in 9 minutes and 39 minutes, respectively. Not surprising, epecially for II, considering that is a staple of their discussions (more on that below). For riddle III, it got a little messy in that some of the places to look were removed as spam, so we had to tweak it a little mid-game so it was solvable. The designer of riddle V thought it would be solved within hours, but it actually proved to be one of the more difficult ones. And for riddle IV, well, read below (and don’t be too loud when shouting “Oh, come on!”).

In addition to the mechanic of solving riddles, a bit of game theory was anticipated. We were not wrong. As soon as all the riddles were solved, the general strategy of most was to seek out the people who had other bits of the key and make deals to share the prize. We even had someone go so far as to claiming they had the answer to IV to trade in order to get all the other answers.

To say it was interesting to see how different people used different thought processes to solve the riddles would be an understatement. We saw people making connections that weren’t there, going into rabbit holes of red herrings, and everything in between. Some even suggested things that would have made for great riddles! As we announced, the grand prize was a private/secret key to an XRP wallet that had 500 million Greyhound sitting on it. That key is:


Note: that wallet is now empty and inactive and we strongly discourage activating it, since so many people are aware of the key and can pull funds out. It’s public address is:


The Riddles

Original Post

Each riddle answer was a section of the key listed above:

I - snYdEw II - ZLTkpT III - Ukrzzz IV - 7uVzGu V - mXs9t


If you listen to this video in reverse playback at double speed and pitch up an octave, you can use Shazam or search lyrics to identify the song. If you search for that video on YouTube and match it with the image of the record, you would be led to the video for Greyhound - Moon River, with the answer in the comments.



The key part of the clue was “Our second favorite food truck is apparently closed. We haven’t had tacos for almost a month.” For those who have been following the Jed McCaleb saga in relation to XRP, they turned to his settlement wallet, named tacostand, which stopped doing it’s daily sales about a month ago. The answer was found by looking at the transaction logs for the tacostan wallet here, and finding a payment from with the answer in the memo.



The poem referenced different XRP YouTubers, but the key was in the last line:

“On Tuesday minted Greyhound while Bull’s mic sounded funny.”

Greyhound was created on August 24, 2021, which could be found in a couple places, namely (infinite thanks and appreciation to the work they do in tracking and organizing the XRPL token explosion - it’s definitely not an easy job). From there, you could look up the videos for each content creator working backwards from the mint date. Each video has a comment from a Greyhound-logo account that was a letter in the answer.

Note: Unfortunately, some of the comments left in the videos were flagged as spam and removed (example: a comment simply saying “z”). When we noticed that it was becoming unsolvable, we made a playlist on the commenting account with the full answer, and changed the comment on each video leading people towards the playlist.



This one was incredibly difficult. Despite the vague clue of “Maybe you should check out the rest of our website and see what you can find,” people instantly noticed the star map added to the top of the Greyhound main page. With a little digging (and inspect element), people found a link.

That part was seemingly a dead end, until the first hint came out:

“Look to the stars, but don’t forget where you are.”

That rang a bell for a few people, who realized that the stars weren’t the key, but the observation point was. The link above has coordinates setting London as the observation point. From there, was a bit of a leap. We were thinking up another clue, when one inquisitive hound figured it out. They added london to our page. The answer was hidden in one more inspect element:



This riddle prompted people to hunt around the page, which was fairly minimalistic. We were getting guesses for anything and everything on the page, until we released the first hint, drawing attention the the picture at the top of the page:

“Read the room”

This was a double entendre, because the answers were in the books in background shelf.

Our second clue “That posture can’t be good for his spine,” was to further focus people on the books, but some got led astray into examining the man in the chair. “Read” + “Spine”….. I thought it was a good hint!

Some caught on, but others got even more confused, including some on the team: “What’s that even supposed to mean, Shroom?” Anyways, the answer was encoded in binary on the book spines in the top shelf, but you had to do a little image-editing wizardry to actually see them.

Drop the brightness, increase the contrast, and you’re golden:


Thanks to everyone for playing! We hope to see you around for more events!