Scavenger Hunt | Dec 26, 2021

Welcome to the Greyhound Winter Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to the Greyhound Winter Scavenger Hunt!

Hello, Hounds!

Welcome to the Winter Scavenger Hunt!

There will be 8 RIDDLES released over Dec 26 - Jan 2 on our Twitter.

There is a 50M Greyhound Prize for each riddle decoder who comes in first. With 8 Riddles, that means 400 MILLION Greyhound will be awarded just for individual riddle rewards!

Solve all the riddles first, and you can access a wallet with 0.5 BILLION GREYHOUND - and 100 XRP 🙂

Wallet Wallet

We understand not everyone can solve the hard riddles, so this time, the SCAVENGER HUNT will also feature RACES. These races will be WORD SEARCH PUZZLES, 6 RACES total. The 1st to solve each will receive 15 MILLION GREYHOUND. The 2-6th place in every RACE will receive 5 MILLION GREYHOUND!

You will have to solve the PUZZLES if you want to solve the RIDDLES.

Good luck to you all!

  • The Greyhound Dev Team