Scavenger Hunt | Feb 01, 2022

Post Winter Scavenger Hunt Wrap

Welcome to our Autumn Scavenger Hunt!

Hey there, Hounds!

This Winter Hunt was another scavenger hunt looking for the secret key to a wallet. In the autumn hunt, the goal was for the master key of an XRP wallet. This time around, it was for the secret numbers to a XUMM XRP wallet. 8 six-digit numbers, 8 riddles. Let’s dive in.

Riddle 1 - 457367

[Country Flags]

To solve this, you just needed the letter count from each country* (chad - 4, japan - 5, etc) *USA counted as 3

Riddle 2 - 621326

[“SEACH DEEPE” + 6 screencaps of Greyhound tweets]

Without any other context, this one was tricky.

To make sense of the SEACH DEEPE, you would need to wait until riddles 4 and 6, which said SEARCH DEEPER. The prompt was in reference to the word searches, which were all tweeted with SEARCH in capitals, where constellations lay hidden within. We had 3 riddles tied to the word searches. The missing R was the clue, pointing people to look at the word search deeper for the missing letter, which was J.

The Greyhound tweet screencaps were the guide to the answer, but could only be solved after finding the constellations.

1 - Nov 15 - CMC and Coingecko (scorpio - word search 6) 2 - Nov 22 - Power Piggy (sagittarius - word search 2) 3 - Sep 29 - Autumn Hunt (libra - word search 1) 4 - Aug 24 - Greyhound minted (virgo - word search 3) 5 - Dec 25 - Winter Hunt (sagittarius - word search 2) 6 - Nov 12 - Bitrue vote and burn (scorpio - word search 6)

Riddle 3 - 161718

[Three screenshots of the TV show Utopia, no context given]

We threw red herrings in the pictures by specifically taking screenshots that included numbers. The answer was to identify the show, then the episodes. The screenshots, in order, came from S1E6, S1E7, and S1E8 (The person that won the prize for solving this riddle first earned it).

Riddle 4 - 466225

[“SEARCH DEEPER” + picture of arms linking]

The answer to this also depended on solving all the word searches. To get 466225, count the total amount of words in each word search that are touching another word.

Riddle 5 - 253740

[“It’s no red nose, but it gets the job done.”]

When we launched the Winter Hunt, we changed the top of our website to a Christmas-themed picture of Rosie on a rocket. Her suit had a light on the front that didn’t come on until this riddle was posted, and has been blinking 253740 in morse code since.


Riddle 6 - 531411

[“SEARCH DEEPER” + picture of woman in front of a projection of a constellation]

To answer this, you had to find the constellations in the word searches, and count the amount of words in each puzzle that touched or crossed the constellation lines.

Riddle 7 - 178991

[Picture of person staring at Matrix-like code + link to modified version of Grateful Dead - Ripple]

Notice those weird clicking sounds in the beginning of the song? That was the answer. You can solve it with analyzing the music on software to find the steganographic message embedded.


Riddle 8 - 224273

[“OPP has X amount of Greyhound in his wallet. He decides to burn some of the supply. To do this, he sends the Greyhound between his wallets. He does this a total of 113 times. After the burns are complete, he is left with 40651 Greyhound. How much Greyhound did he start with? (Round to the nearest whole number.)”]

Just a bit of math, but you need to be aware of Greyhound’s 1.5% transaction burn: 40651 / (0.985^113)

Word Searches

Constellations? Where? As mentioned in the Riddle 2 explanation, the key was the missing J. For all words in all word searches (120 total), every letter was included except J, which were the stars in the hidden constellations.

When generating the word searches, we specified to fill the field with every letter except J, then we manually added them in the shapes of constellations. The constellations aren’t exactly to scale, but it was a pretty good job considering the small field and only being allowed to touch a certain amount of words from the list.

1 - libra - 4 words touching words - 5 words crossing constellations


2 - sagittarius - 6 words touching words - 3 words crossing constellations


3 - virgo - 6 words touching words - 1 word crossing constellations


4 - cancer - 2 words touching words - 4 words crossing constellations


5 - capricorn - 2 words touching words - 1 word crossing constellations


6 - scorpio - 5 words touching words - 1 word crossing constellations


We hope you had fun, and hope to see you in future events!

  • The Greyhound Dev Team